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Staff & Dj's
Habbo's Most Wanted

Scam Busters

Ok Everyone lets try to get some of these scammers or n00bs Banned

Xih - Tried to say he owned the site habbtunes and then later said he killed an indian (Im an indian) Pure racist if you have any information like if hes in a room Add Difficult. And tell me

Xo-Correy09-ox - Scams at his casino and sometimes does cloning in his game room Contact me if you see or have seen him [Difficult.]

Bruno.S - Scammed .:kya:. Of a Hc sofa when she leant him it, I've also seen him try to scam with buying credits

Any People Who Lead to Getting One Of These People Banned Will Get A Furni Reward

IF You know where one of them is Add Difficult. Or click the link below